Italy has signed a bilateral convention of social security with Australia which came into effect on 23 April 1986.

This agreement is applied to all workers, irrespective of their citizenship, as well as that of dependent family members and survivors, who can show evidence of periods of contributions in Italy and periods of residence in Australia.

According to the social security agreement, these periods of working life and residence in Australia can be added to the contributions made in Italy in order to arrive at the minimum requirement of 20 years for eligibility to the Italian Age and Disability pension. The Survivors Pension  is subject to the deceased pensioner's entitlement.

However, the minimum period of contribution in Italy is one year of actual employment.

Application for the Australian Pension requires 10 years of residence in Australia. The years of contributions in Italy are considered as periods of residence in Australia.

The Australian pension payment is calculated in a different manner if the applicant lives in Australia or outside Australia.