Disability Pension

The Disability Italian Pension is paid to invalids between the ages of 18 and 65 whose working capability is reduced by over 60%.

The worker must have paid at least 260 weekly contributions (5 years of contributions) of which 156 (three years of contributions) in the five years prior to the date of lodging the application.

In the case of overseas contributions paid in excomunitary countries which hold conventions with Italy, the right to a pension is calculated by totaline the international periods in Italy and overseas. Instead the amount of pension is calculated in proportion to contributions credited by the Italian fund.

The disability cheque can be granted to workers:

  • Dependents
  • Self eployed (Trades people, business people, farmers)
  • registered as separate business

 The termination of work is not required.

The monthly cheque commences from the first day of the month following the lodgement of application, providing all requirements are met, both health and administrative, it has a three year validity and on the third renewal , it become final, upon reaching pension age, and providing all requirements are met, the office converts the disability cheque to the age pension cheque.